Money Managers And The Animals Who Make Business Decisions For Them

New Pimco Hire Doesn’t Object To Holding Investment Committee Meetings At Local Petco

Yesterday, we learned that after months of turmoil following the departure of Mohammed El-Erian, Bill Gross had finally found a way to bring some much needed stability to his life and to his firm: Paul McCulley. Returning to the fold following his 2010 departure, the former Pimco executive has been named “chief economist” and will report to Gross.

From the get-go it, it was clear that in coming out of retirement, cutting his hair, and buttoning his top button, McCulley was making a huge sacrifice for his buddy Bill. But a new report suggests that the McCulley hire goes deeper than Gross simply needing an old friend by his side. He also needed a small furry creature to recommend stocks, and as luck would have it, McCulley could deliver both.

In his previous incarnation as a money manager at Pacific Investment Management Co.,Paul McCulley was known for a whimsical style in his commentaries that included imaginary question-and-answer sessions with his pet rabbit Morgan le Fay. The name was borrowed from the sorceress in the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table…in 2000, [McCulley] noted that she and the equity markets “shared many characteristics: boundless exuberance and a passion for mischief.”

And as a bonus, this one has an opinion on interest rates, unlike Pimco’s last Senior Animal Analyst.

McCulley Returns to Pimco as Gross Seeks to Restore Shine [Bloomberg]

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    are these guys for real?

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    bark twice for buy, once for sell.