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Vin Diesel Could’ve Been King Of The Cold Call

David Glass, 39, was still on probation for insider trading when he co-founded Yellowstone Capital LLC, a New York-based brokerage and lender that originated $200 million in loans last year, including for OnDeck. He said he learned to sell in the 1990s at Sterling Foster & Co., a Long Island firm where he got his friend a job interview that inspired “Boiler Room,” a movie that portrayed a college dropout’s foray into high-pressure stock sales. Glass said he coached actor Vin Diesel on cold-calling for the film. “A natural,” Glass said. [Bloomberg]

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3 Responses to “Vin Diesel Could’ve Been King Of The Cold Call”

  1. The Truth says:

    "Vin Diesel Could’ve Been King Of The Cold Call"

    Instead, he made far more than the vast majority of finance peons doing something that's actually cool and doesn't involve fraud.

    Put that in your pipe and shmoke it