What Does Not Kill Herbalife Makes It Stronger

It’s that or the diet shakes, or something, its CEO says.

The head of Herbalife Ltd. vowed Tuesday that the Los Angeles nutritional products company would emerge unscathed from a Federal Trade Commission investigation stronger than ever.

“I think it’s going to clear the air, and I think it’s going to be a very good day for Herbalife when this is all cleared up,” Herbalife Chief Executive Michael O. Johnson said in an interview with The Times, shortly after the company’s annual meeting at its downtown headquarters. “I’m a great believer that the truth will prevail to the positive for us.

“If they come to us and say, ‘You could have done this better,’ we’ll fix it. There’s nothing structurally wrong with this company.”

Herbalife to emerge from FTC probe stronger than ever, CEO vows [L.A. Times]

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5 Responses to “What Does Not Kill Herbalife Makes It Stronger”

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  2. Quant me maybe ... says:

    Has anyone other than Charlie Gasparano actually tried Herbalife?

    >And he won't even use it more than once.

  3. CBRE says:

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    • Mr. Rogers says:

      Proving once again, boys and girls, that huffing and posting is a bad combination. At least in that order.

      • L.T. says:

        Better execution would have been: "Which brings me to my next point. Don't smoke crack."