Write-Offs: 05.05.14

$$$ Holder: Banks Aren’t ‘Too Big to Jail’ [WSJ]

$$$ Would a Criminal Indictment Kill a Bank? [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Greenlight Asked S.E.C. for Delay on Disclosure of Micron Stake [Dealbook]

$$$ Ackman Says Fannie Mae Shares Could Be Worth $47 [Bloomberg]

$$$ Florida Won’t Let This Guy Marry His Laptop Full of P0rn [Gawker]

$$$ Financial Data Company Markit Files for I.P.O. [Dealbook]

$$$ Einhorn: Short Athenahealth. Its stock could fall 80% from peak [CNBC]

$$$ A second Brooklyn man has sued New York Police Department officers for arresting him for possessing methamphetamine that was actually Jolly Rancher candies. [TSG]

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