Write-Offs: 05.08.14

$$$ What Timothy Geithner Really Thinks [NYT Magazine]

$$$ Thompson, who ranked as the highest-paid bank chief financial officer in the country last year, is responsible for last week’s embarrassing disclosure that the banking giant had screwed up billions of dollars on its balance sheet for the past five years. Thompson admitted Wednesday during the bank’s annual investor meeting that the $4 billion miscalculation originated “within several areas of the CFO group” when preparing regulatory filings. [NYP]

$$$ Apollo Global Reports Sharply Lower Profit [Dealbook]

$$$ Senators Plan Legislation to Stem Overseas Corporate Tax Avoidance [WSJ]

$$$ The Most Ridiculous Deep Fried Foods From America’s State Fairs [Kichenette]

$$$ Draghi: ECB ‘Comfortable With Acting Next Time’ [WSJ]

$$$ Investor group calls for protest vote over all-male Glencore board [Reuters]

$$$ 77-year-old Florida man tasered after trying to escape alleged bank robbery with walker [UPI]

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