Write-Offs: 05.14.14

$$$ Bill Gross Says Pimco to Rank Near Top Again by Year-End [Bloomberg]

$$$ Russia-Focused Hedge Funds Suffer Losses Amid Ukraine Crisis [WSJ]

$$$ A New Length For Men’s Shorts [WSJ]

$$$ France issues law to block foreign takeovers of strategic firms [Reuters]

$$$ 911 Call: Subway Put Marinara Sauce on My Pizza, and It’s Terrible [Gawker]

$$$ Allianz calls on Pimco to reverse investor flight [Reuters]

$$$ What Hedge Funds Talk About When They Talk About Money [Dealbook]

$$$ Alec Baldwin corrects cop’s name after Twitter rant [NYP]

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  1. Posted by UFOinsider | May 15, 2014 at 12:23 PM

    So the Frenchies are pulling that, eh? I was going to invest heavily in publicly traded prison companies and then bribe politicians to make laws locking up as many of them as possible. Hell, if that shit flies here, why can't we do it there?

    -extremely sarcastic guy who thinks the US needs to reexamine its priorities and examine the root causes of social instability before it becomes a systemic threat AKA Americans get fed up with the bullshit here and do something about it. Not that I'd have a problem with seeing some politicians' heads on a pike….