• 20 May 2014 at 5:48 PM

Write-Offs: 05.20.14

$$$ JPMorgan shareholders back board members, exec pay [Reuters]

$$$ Fed’s Dudley Sees ‘Relatively Slow’ Pace of Tightening [Bloomberg]

$$$ Goldman Puts Metals Warehouse Business Up For Sale [WSJ]

$$$ TGI Fridays Sold for Over $800 Million [WSJ]

$$$ He couldn’t wait for ‘300 Sandwiches’ to propose [NYP]

$$$ Mixed Signals in a Corporate Felon’s Punishment [Dealbook]

$$$ Burger King scrapping 40-year-old ‘Have It Your Way’ slogan [AP]

$$$ Haitian Machete Fencing Is a Real Sport, and This Old Guy Is its Yoda [Gawker]

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