Bill Gross Strangely Silent On Horse Race

Friday afternoon, Bill Gross put up a show of support for those taking the CFA exam on Saturday, as someone who’s been there. Gross tweeted:

And yet, as of Monday at 12:45PST, more than 44 hours after California Chrome became the latest horse not to win the Triple Crown, he’d tweeted nary a statement about the Belmont Stakes or referred to its past winner, Secretariat, the American Thoroughbred with whom Gross deeply identifies.

Nothing about how the Derby and Preakness winner “put on a good show, but nobody BUT NOBODY puts Secretariat in a corner.” Nothing about how he would’ve applauded the first Triple Crown winner since 1972 (the flukes of 1977 and 1978 aren’t mentioned around the Newport Beach office) but “the horse gods want what the horse gods want.” Hopefully, in due time, there will be a report of Gross gathering his employees on the trading floor to watch footage painstakingly pieced together by his secretary, of Secretariat’s training sessions and victories, spliced together with early biographical details about “this great beast,” narrated by Gross. Until then, we wait.

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5 Responses to “Bill Gross Strangely Silent On Horse Race”

  1. guest says:

    maybe he's putting the finishing touches on the perfect tweet.

  2. Im_a_Dude says:

    this guy just keeps getting weirder