BofA Employees Respond To Merrill Lynch Business Card Complaints With Graphic Images Of Flag-On-Bull

Earlier this week, we learned that Bank of America has a number of very unhappy ex-Merrill Lynch brokers on it hands. Their beef? New business cards that feature a slightly smaller bull than in times past, an obvious affront, as they see it, to the Merrill brand. While no formal demands have been made, it’s clear that in order to be made happy, the former Mother Merrill employees will need to see the bull reinstated to its former size and glory. And, sure, an apology from Bank of America brass for the lack of respect would be nice. At this time, CEO Brian Moynihan is yet to make a formal statement regarding the redesigned cards, but rank-and-file BofA-ers, at least those with access to MS Paint, have sent a message that they are less than sympathetic.

From the front-lines: “Seems like the BAML team is waging an internal civil war via email signature mash-up logos (see attached).”

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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19 Responses to “BofA Employees Respond To Merrill Lynch Business Card Complaints With Graphic Images Of Flag-On-Bull”

  1. Guest says:

    Charlotte vs. Ricky Retail > Suge vs. Tupac

  2. Shrunken_BAMLs says:


    – Guy who invites you to click on the avatar photo to see what he did with five minutes and a photo editing program.

  3. SMU Secure says:

    Atta boy Charlotte! Put them philistines in NYC in there place.

  4. Guest says:

    Exhibit B looks like a printing error. Exhibit A looks like a gay bull all decked out in his finest red Prada suit.

  5. Cardless UBS VP says:

    Wait, even the guys in Equity Trade Support get business cards??

  6. biaaaatch says:

    They should have a picture of a battered woman cowering in the corner because thats everyones last visual of Merrill Lynch"

  7. Shareholder says:

    Glad to see they're not wasting money on graphics or PR

  8. Suck it Merrill says:

    Looks like a bull squashed by the flag…which is about right