Call The Close: Make It Five?

It was awfully close yesterday, but the streak remains intact. At least for the Dow.

U.S. stocks finished nearly flat on Tuesday, although the Dow eked out another record closing high as utilities’ shares fell while 10-year bond yields hit their highest level in a month….

It was the Dow’s fourth straight record closing high. The S&P 500, though, broke its four-day string of record high finishes….

The Dow Jones industrial average .DJI rose 2.82 points or 0.02 percent, to 16,945.92, a record closing high.

Dow hits record for fourth day [Reuters]

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11 Responses to “Call The Close: Make It Five?”

  1. Shaz's beard says:

    Hey Shazzy you realize stocks been open for 2 hours and S&Ps down 10? Solid effort.

  2. Max Pumper says:

    Furious Feces Five

  3. Im_a_Dude says:

    Call how many days Shaxar has left at DB.

  4. Quant me maybe... says:

    I'm gonna go with just about flat.

  5. Wilt Disney says:

    18 inches of black mamba

  6. L Zacharelli says:

    Goat crickets

  7. Captain Oblivious says:

    How many articles will DB post in the next week? 5 is a good call.

    You are the chose of the blogosphere

  8. Guest says:

    It closes at four not at five.

  9. Guest says:

    I call the Dow -102.04

    > Guy Who Puts Ups The Monday Morning Opening Bell 6 Hours Late Making The Opening News Look Like Yesterday's History.

  10. Guest says:

    Shaz, your Mom is on the phone. She wants you to clean your room in the basement.

  11. pokey gasbagarino says: