Carl Icahn Puts The Wall Street Journal On Notice

In a telephone interview with Bloomberg Television’s Trish Regan, billionaire investor Carl Icahn responded to articles in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times over the weekend suggesting he was implicated in an insider trading investigation. The investigation, which is being conducted by the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and federal prosecutors in Manhattan, also involves three-time Masters golf tournament winner Phil Mickelson and Las Vegas gambling impresario Billy Walters. “We do not know of any investigation. Further, we are always very careful to observe all legal requirements in all of our activities,” Icahn said. “We believe that making inflammatory and speculative statements, especially when we’ve had an unblemished record for 50 years, is completely irresponsible on the part of the Wall Street Journal.” [BusinessWeek]

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13 Responses to “Carl Icahn Puts The Wall Street Journal On Notice”

  1. Guest says:

    First post at 1:59? Is Shaz back in the K-Hole?

  2. Shaz's beard says:

    I bet Shazzy slayed so much poontang this weekend he couldn't even get out of the basement to write the Opening Bell. The man gets more beaver than the Hoover Dam.

    • Quant me maybe ... says:

      No. Apparently he was part of the swap — you know, the Guantanamo detainees swapped for the US soldier. He's going back home to Pakistan.

      >They're planning a parade and everything.

  3. Guest says:

    Consider himself lucky. The Journal article derailed the feds attempt at wire taps…. though Icahn would have found out about the tap anyway. From "Insider-Trading Probe Hits Snag"

    "Even before the probe became public, investigators confronted roadblocks particular to the unusual nature of the people under scrutiny, according to the people briefed on the probe. As they considered whether they could wiretap Mr. Icahn, one of the people said, they learned that it could be hard to do so without him finding out—because he owned a stake in a telecommunications company through which surveillance might have to be conducted."

    Note to Stevie– beef up ownership in telecoms.

  4. Guest says:

    Please reassure me that Charlie Gasparino is still kosher.

  5. Zombusiness Insider says:

    Carl Icahn has nice brainz…

  6. Guest says:

    Bet Ackman's glad he gives to both parties.

  7. Guest Duffer says:

    There goes the fun of getting tips from my I-Banker on the golf course.

  8. Beefoven says:

    SMU secure killed the opening bell. Thanks a lot Texas.

  9. Guest Conspirator says:

    Why do the feds go after the rich old guys? Is it because the government can't expect some nice estate tax lumps because the old geezers are too tax efficient so they try to draw out the cash through other means?

  10. Guest Bettor says:

    What's Walters line on whether he gets indicted or not? I'm interested in taking a side.