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Fabrice Tourre Doesn’t Need Your Pity

Former Goldman Sachs employee Fabrice Tourre hasn’t had a great year. In August, a federal jury found him “liable on six of seven claims that he violated federal securities law by intentionally misleading investors,” in addition to “aiding and abetting an alleged fraud by Goldman.” In March, a judge ordered to pay $825,000 ($175,463 in gains related to the deal that investors were misled on, $650,000 in civil penalties). That same month, the University of Chicago, the place that Fab fled to after leaving Goldman Sachs to rebuild his life as an academic, decided it didn’t want him teaching it undergrads. So, things have been tough. But while he may not have the support of his ex-employer, the securities industry, Judge Katherine Forrest, or 100% of Chicago’s economics department faculty,1 he does have this:

And that’s enough to sustain him through at least the Fall ’14 semester.

“Fabulous Fab” wins best Teaching Assistant in UChicago Econ Dept [Rex Johnson]

1. The graduate department is actually okay with him.

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11 Responses to “Fabrice Tourre Doesn’t Need Your Pity”

  1. guest says:


  2. guest says:

    I've made a huge mistake.


  3. guest says:

    this changes everything.

  4. Top TA says:

    Like being the tallest midget

  5. Wow! That's a great resume, anyone would love to have. However, violation of Federal Securities law is not a good practice, no matter how brilliant a person may b. If you make an exception to one, others will follow the same instance for violating similar laws. But the point is: Why should he be allowed to teach? That's not related to trading or related to that. If the law doesn't debar him then why should he be an excellent academician?

  6. J.D. Hogg says:

    Leave Lloyd BlanKfein alone. His tough demeanor and whiskered cheeks may scream "Master of the Universe" and urban sophisticate, but deep down he's just another Country Blumpkin,

  7. B Iteme says:

    Let a regulator hire him and then set him loose on GS. We all enjoy irony.

  8. Broke as a joke says:

    I'm guessing ol' Toure won't be eligible for the award under his name in that picture…

  9. UC Econ Alum says:

    Given the overall quality of TAs I had in my UG years there, this isn't surprising. He can speak english, which already puts him ahead of most TAs

  10. C. Gasparino says:

    Febreze is a friend of mine.