How Much Will This Kim Kardashian-Backed/Starring App Raise In VC Money?

The object of the game (“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”) is to get rich and famous and involves an animated Kim saying things like “You’re a natural in front of the camera” for a successful photo-shoot and telling you you suck for not hitting on someone’s animated boyfriend. We live in a world in which Morgan Stanley economists think a two-letter app is genius and guys in Silicon Valley pour hundreds of millions into one-letter apps, so, really, sky’s the limit. [Fashionista]

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8 Responses to “How Much Will This Kim Kardashian-Backed/Starring App Raise In VC Money?”

  1. guest says:

    animated kim: I would

  2. guest says:

    a bid $1 Bob

  3. guest says:

    serious guess: 200 million

  4. guest says:

    Market is undervaluing this property at only ~$36M (GLUU up 10% today, with AH). Worth more like $3.6B.

    -M. Andreessen

  5. Hobbes says:

    I'll fund this if I can titty fuck Kim.

  6. runcibleman says:

    She's still a fatass. How anyone can NOT see that she's a fatass is beyond me.

    -D. Strauss-Kahn

  7. FatGuySkinnyTie says:

    Short humanity

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