Kweku Adoboli Still Not Feeling That Guilty Verdict

Kweku Adoboli, the former UBS trader who caused a $2.3 billion loss through unauthorized trading, is trying again to get permission to overturn his conviction and seven-year sentence. Lawyers for Adoboli are scheduled to ask an appeals court in London today to grant him the chance to argue that the conviction should be thrown out. His initial claim was already rejected by a judge in July 2013, without a hearing taking place. Adoboli was convicted in November 2012 of two counts of fraud for causing the loss at the bank’s London unit. He argued at trial that managers at Zurich-based UBS pushed him to take too many risks and that rule-breaking at the bank was rampant. While he admitted causing the loss, he said it wasn’t done dishonestly. [Bloomberg]

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12 Responses to “Kweku Adoboli Still Not Feeling That Guilty Verdict”

  1. Really? says:

    Rulebreaking was rampant but not dishonestly.

    Cool story bro

  2. Jeff Mackerel says:

    Bridge Over the River Kweku

  3. ex-banker says:

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  4. The Fat Cobra says:

    Why the long snout, gloomy gus?

  5. FatGuySkinnyTie says:

    On your mark ready, set lets go,
    trade floor pro
    I know, you know, that judge's psycho
    when that convinction hit
    can't let it stick
    gotta get legal with it
    dude that's it

    My money money can't hide
    and why? regs up in my eye
    I gotta, lotta, debts i can't quit
    figured UBS would sell my skin,
    Mama lookin at me
    Scolding her kid
    Wishin I worked a different gig
    stead of doin what I did,
    TR star right from Accra-Accra
    Not really though
    grew up in Shoreditch

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  6. Donny Sterling says:

    I hope dwayne wade starts feeling better, finals coming up

  7. Guest says:


  8. guest says:

    2.3bn loss, 3bn loss, 1bn loss, who's even counting anymore?

    -UBS MD