Let’s Have A Chat About: CFA Exam-Eve Freak Out Levels

As no one needs to be reminded, tomorrow is judgment day for 150,000+ financial services employees hoping to one day add 3 little letters to the bottom of their email signature. If you’re feeling prepared, confident, and calm, that’s nice for you. If on a scale of 1-10, 1 being “I have zero anxiety whatsoever about tomorrow’s exam” and 10 being “I’m screaming into a pillow right,” you’re somewhere between 9-15, take heart.

We can’t help you tomorrow, but we CAN offer you this safe space to work out your issues. Everyone here is a friend. We’re listening.

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17 Responses to “Let’s Have A Chat About: CFA Exam-Eve Freak Out Levels”

  1. Hobbes says:

    Thinking happy thoughts about the bottle of Lagavulin and cuban cigars I will be enjoying tomorrow evening.

  2. Ted E. says:

    Yes, there will be lots of drinking to catch up on.

  3. Hermit Guest says:

    This exam destroys spring so that there is no transitional season. I still go to grab my coat when I head outside before realizing the only place it's still February is my apartment.

  4. eric says:

    The only sure thing is that if you get a CFA every potential employer will ask why you didn't get an MBA. If you get an MBA every potential employer will ask if you would be willing take the CFA.

    Oh, and there is a serious glut of CFA's already so…….

    Good Luck!

  5. definitely not matt says:

    remember that one time Matt took level one after only studying for a weekend and then passed!

  6. James Dimon says:

    If you can't even pass level one on your first try then you shouldn't even be in this industry.

  7. Guest says:

    how do these ballers get the money to pay for their CFA? I have been saving for the last five years and still cannot afford to try for Level I.

    – UBS High-Flying Third-Year VP Quant

  8. Past Caring, YOLO® says:

    Fuck this.

  9. NotGeezer says:

    Oh you're taking the CFA and went to Princeton undergrad? Hold on, let me grab a seat so you can tell me more and I can continue making the 'no fucks given' face comfortably.

    -guy hoping the articles about "top flyers" going to tech instead of finance is true so we can get back to making money like the old days, bitch

  10. Suzanne S says:

    Too bad about the last-minute cancellation Karachi candidates… there's always June 2015…

  11. Bart says:

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