Maybe Guy Who Used The Word ‘Rigged’ To Describe The Markets Would Be More Comfortable With ‘Rigged-ish’?

Bradley Katsuyama, chief executive of the stock trading upstart IEX Group, made waves on Wall Street by playing the part of a disruptive innovator who said he believed the markets were “rigged.” But he adopted a softer tone on Tuesday in testimony prepared for a hearing before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations…Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, and the ranking member of the panel, asked Mr. Katsuyama whether it was accurate to describe the market as “rigged.” Mr. Katsuyama said that term was “a word that can be used to describe” the disadvantages that certain investors suffer in the market, but he stopped short of endorsing it. “What it did was it gave our critics and people who are part of the problem a reason to talk about something else,” Mr. Katsuyama said. “It was a distraction which was unfortunate.” [Dealbook]

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10 Responses to “Maybe Guy Who Used The Word ‘Rigged’ To Describe The Markets Would Be More Comfortable With ‘Rigged-ish’?”

  1. Brad & Mike L. says:

    HFT taking money from T Rowe Price is evil.
    T Rowe Price taking money from widows and orphans is noble.

  2. Guest says:

    Shaming for Order Flow is an interesting business model

  3. Minetta Hr Quant says:

    Its all going to be machines anyway. Cash equity trading is a dead business. tenth of a penny a share, woohoo! Wall St headcount is gong to come down severely over the next 5 years. Sad but true.

  4. Guest says:

    The word was used to sell books and spice up the marketing tour.