Patricia Cohen’s First Lawyer Thinks Fifth Lawyer’s Got A Real Shot

Patricia Cohen, previously known as one half of Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Cohen, has new representation in her quest to nail her ex-husband to the wall. And while some might assume that the fact that she’s on her fifth attorney as meaning this case is dead in the water, others like the ex-Mrs. SAC’s chances.

The mother of Cohen’s two eldest children is now being repped by famed trial lawyer Gerald Lefcourt (known for clients such as the Black Panthers, Russell Crowe and Harry Helmsley of the Helmsley Hotel) — a move that even her former lawyers applaud. “If Steve Cohen walks into a room and thinks he’s going to outsmart the legendary Lefcourt, he’s got another think coming,” laughed Paul Batista, who first filed the explosive case in 2009. “I want to see Patricia win.” The civil fraud case claims Cohen, a minority owner of the New York Mets, defrauded Patricia of money in their 1990 divorce.

Cohen’s ex hires 5th lawyer for a clawback [NYP]

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5 Responses to “Patricia Cohen’s First Lawyer Thinks Fifth Lawyer’s Got A Real Shot”

  1. Guest says:

    If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try again.

    • UFOinsider says:

      Just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die, but you might want to ask your doctor for some penicillin?

      – guy who knows he doesn't have a career in pop music

  2. Guest says:

    Won't she have to wait until the outcomes of the appeals of 2 insider trading cases related to SAC as well?

  3. Guest says:

    Hope she's been able to negotiate a no win no fee agreement.

  4. Alanis Morisette says:

    Weird. The whole reason she got into this situation in the first place was her initial desire to have Stevie nail Her up against that wall.