Someone Still Believes In Steve Cohen

It may be the woman with whom he shares a marital bed, but every person counts.

“My husband is going to make it the best family office possible,” Alex told friends. “He’s doing as well as can be expected.” Alex, for one, saw a benefit in her husband’s difficult passage. It had taught him a valuable lesson. He was humbler and wiser, and realized how lucky he was, especially compared with some of his former employees. “He knows what’s important now,” she said. Steve Cohen had his freedom, his wife, his kids, his homes, a business—and $11 billion. It was something.

The Taming Of A Trading Monster [NYM]

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12 Responses to “Someone Still Believes In Steve Cohen”

  1. Im_a_Dude says:

    you know the old saying, "if you're gonna marry a shiksa, might as well be one that has some resemblance to J-Lo"

  2. J.D. Hogg says:

    Super Wienie indeed!

  3. Quant me maybe... says:

    That's not Steve Cohen and his wife. That's a sculpture of Steve Cohen and his wife.

  4. InfiniteGuest says:

    Am I the only one here who reads "He knows what's important now" as a thinly-veiled threat?

    • Guest says:

      You are a misogynist and a racist. You are probably the type that thinks 30 drinks a month makes a woman a 'drunk' and a 'slore' while the same amount of drinks makes a man a responsible individual.

  5. Guest says:

    Dude, women aren't that subtle. In my experience, they always come out and say it when something's bothering them.

    – Perpetually Single Guest

  6. trader says:

    "ow lucky he was, especially compared with some of his former employees"

    Muhahahaha –
    Michael Steinberg (former SAC employer)

    • Xenomorph says:

      It's a pretty sure bet they're unlucky directly because of his actions. I really do think that a few years from now it will come out that Stevie cooperated in throwing everyone around him under the bus.

      Other than that, no concerns.

      – Galleon insider trading legal expert quant

  7. Bandersnatch says:

    I hope this new kinder gentler Steve doesn't mean that he'll stop ripping out people's gall bladders via their asses or kicking people in the chest until there’s blood in their stool.
    – Loyal employees who still dance The Masochism Tango

    • Joe Momma says:

      As glorious as that does sound, the reality is probably closer to the 'Pulp Fiction' gimp in the basement box.

      – Son of Peach and Luigi

  8. WWI Afficionado says:

    Is that a SAC or Point72 half-zip? Either way I'm in