Write-Offs: 06.20.14

$$$ When the World Cup Is On, Stock Markets Go Quiet [BusinessWeek]

$$$ Judge lets DoJ proceed with fraud case against Bank of America [Reuters]

$$$ Hedge fund chiefs and former bankers enter the shadows [FT]

$$$ Mr Singer is cautious and professorial when speaking in public about Elliott or markets, and no less serious in private. When a journalist from Euromoney magazine asked if the legal chase might not be a little fun, he was met with a look of incomprehension and astonishment. “Fun? Skiing is fun. This is work.” Skiing is fun; so is rock ’n’ roll with the family band: Mr Singer on piano, one of his sons on guitar, the other on drums, his son-in-law on saxophone. At a Romney fundraiser, he jammed with Meat Loaf. [FT]

$$$ Guy In Mentos Suit Drops Into Tank Of Diet Coke [HP]

$$$ Mutual funds fight inequality, hedge funds help it: Morningstar exec [NetNet]

$$$ Harvard-Yale Football Rivalry Is at Wall Street Decathlon [Bloomberg]

$$$ ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ pleads guilty, avoids jail time [NYDN]