Barry Diller Isn’t The Kind Of Boss Who Fires You For Stuff Like Drawing His Face On A Pen!s

Barry Diller sure must be a forgiving guy. Sean Rad, 27, is sitting pretty as Tinder’s chief executive despite allegedly describing his boss, IAC/InterActiveCorp Chairman Diller, as a d–k and texting a drawing of Diller as such, The Post has learned. Word of the penis put-down emerged this week in an explosive lawsuit filed by Whitney Wolfe, a 24-year-old former Tinder exec who says she was sexually harassed by Rad and fellow co-founder Justin Mateen. [NYP]

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8 Responses to “Barry Diller Isn’t The Kind Of Boss Who Fires You For Stuff Like Drawing His Face On A Pen!s”

  1. jj Chimpahan says:

    Rad wants to suk Barry's dillleeerrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Guest says:

    I don't get this lawsuit. Isn't Tinder about meeting and hooking up with people for sex? I would guess that at least 10% of the participants on the site end up getting sexually harassed by the people they hook up with so she's just one of the 10%– a bunny boiler 10%.

    Frivolous case. Court adjourned.

  3. Captain Oblivious says:

    You think Barry Diller gives two shits? He wipes his ass with people like this. Having a fuckton of money means peoples feelings about you are no longer your concern.

    I agree with the prior comment, Tinder is a fuckin pathetic app where no one even gets ass off of it

  4. Guest says:

    In the context of things, he probably doesn't mind the reference….

  5. Guest says:

    Maybe the drawing portrayed Barry as more gifted than he actually is and he was ok with having people think that?

  6. Guest says:

    Does Tinder really have "execs"?

  7. Guest says:

    Diller's face does look like a wrinkly old guy penis, maybe he was being literal.