BNP Paribas: A Great And Very French Victory

France’s Finance Minister is celebrating bank and country’s come-from-behind win against wicked American prosecutors, in which BNP has to part with less than $9 billion and gets to stick around, and the stupid trans-Atlantic barbarians have to settle for just $8.9 billion and an admission that doing business with the Iranians is not acceptable.

The settlement reached between BNP Paribas and U.S. authorities over a sanctions busting case will preserve the future of the lender, the finance ministry said on Tuesday.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin also said in a statement that the country’s biggest listed bank “will still be able to finance economic activity (in France) in a satisfying way.”

France says BNP-U.S. deal preserves bank’s future [Reuters]
BNP Paribas Admits Guilt And Agrees to Pay $8.9 Billion Fine to U.S. [DealBook]

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5 Responses to “BNP Paribas: A Great And Very French Victory”

  1. F the frogs says:

    They are laughing at us these french fucks. They will put out a eurobond offering and move on. We should have shown some balls but what else do you expect when guys like Dickie Fuld and Jimmy Cayne are lighting spliffs in Marthas Vineyard rolled in hundred dollar bills. We are a bunch of pussies. BNP is a shithole anyway

  2. Sgt Rock says:

    BNP Paribas dealing with sanctioned countries (ie, financing terrorism). Pretty light penalty all things considered

  3. Sgt Paper says:

    Lets get them waffle fucking Belgiums!

  4. Guest says:

    The Google bomb will have to update its I'm Feeling Lucky search from "French Military Victories" to "French Settlement Victories."

  5. Calyon Quant says:

    Fucking pussies, the whole lot of them.