Carmelo Anthony Is A Venture Capitalist Now

Let him know if you’ve got any good apps.

After signing a new five-year contract worth $125 million, the Knicks forward is touting his own venture-capital firm, M7 Tech Partners. The name stands for Melo 7, a nod to his nickname and jersey number. The NBA All Star has teamed with Stuart Goldfarb, a former NBC and Bertelsmann exec, to invest in tech start-ups. M7 said on Monday that it made its first investment in Hullabalu, a storybook and gaming app for kids.

Carmelo touts own venture capital firm [NYP]

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8 Responses to “Carmelo Anthony Is A Venture Capitalist Now”

  1. badumpbump says:

    You mean like pulled pork nachos?

  2. Guest says:

    Ok, NOW we're at the peak.

  3. CEO of Yo says:

    Don't say that.

  4. Herba 4 Life says:

    I'm too busy short selling Knicks season tickets to get involved with Melo on any new projects.

  5. C Icahn says:

    How about an HLF app?

  6. Danker_Banker says:

    How about an app for NBA players to easily track baby mommas, kids / step-kids, paternity tests, alimony & child support payments?