Hedge Fund Wife Puts Price On Making Husband Less Selfish (50% Of Assets)

Sure, TCI’s Chris Hohn has made all of the $1 billion to $3 billion he and his soon-to-be-ex-wife are fighting over, as he so modestly explained to the judge overseeing their divorce. But she, equally modestly, notes that she made him a not-terrible person. And that, Jamie Cooper-Hohn believes, is priceless. Or at least worth an extra quarter of the pot.

Hohn says his wife is entitled to 25 percent of their marital assets because he made a “special contribution” to the marriage. She is seeking half. “I’ve created all the wealth — the expertise, the effort, the sweat and blood — and the law as I read it is ‘special contribution’ applies,” Hohn said when asked why he deserves 75 percent of the couple’s assets…She told the court last week: “When Chris and I first met, he was in his final year and I was in the first year at graduate school. I asked him what he wanted to do. He said: ‘I don’t mind as long as I make a lot of money.’

“Shortly afterwards he asked if I would go out with him and I said: ‘No.’

“He took me out to see Malcolm X and we talked about it. We discovered we did have the same values. He talked about when he was working in the Philippines and how moved he was by the poverty and said that was his attraction to me.”

TCI’s Hohn Gets Ruling Keeping Finances Private in Divorce [Bloomberg]
Wife of hedge-fund boss in £1bn divorce claims she made him a philanthropist [Telegraph]

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12 Responses to “Hedge Fund Wife Puts Price On Making Husband Less Selfish (50% Of Assets)”

  1. The Way It Works says:

    If they both were really philanthropists, the wife would be fighting for the husband to take the 75% while she kept 25% and the husband would be trying to force the wife to take the 75% while he kept 25%

  2. Guest says:

    Notable quotes;

    But Mr Hohn claims he is worth just £67 million and that much of his wealth was built up after they had separated.

    Speaking in court on Tuesday, he said: "I have no interest in working for anybody. I don't need the money.
    "Why would I want to work for anybody, I'm a billionaire.
    "Why would I want to work for anybody.
    "I don't really care about money, I gave away all the money I made to charity."

    Mr Hohn described himself as being among the top ten investors in the world.
    "Over the long term I am an unbelievable moneymaker," he said.
    "I'm not the only one – there's a handful."

    Presented with a list of other successful investors, he said: "They are up there with the greats, so is Warren Buffett.
    "There are about five to ten investors in the world who have done as well as me out of tens of thousands.
    "They are in the top ten all time great investors, I am not saying there aren't incredible investors but they are in the top one per cent."

    He labelled legendry investment bank Goldmann Sachs "idiots" for buying a single manager hedge fund Chris Schumway Capital Partners which later went into liquidation when it's founder and solo portfolio manager Chris Schumway retired and all the investors pulled their money.
    "Only idiots do that, they completely lost all their money because it was completely reliant on one man," he said.
    "Goldman Sachs bought Schumway Capital then Mr Schumway retired and the whole company liquidated and they lost all their money.
    "It's a cautionary tale."

    While discussing his talent for making sound financial decisions Mr Hohn accepted the future value of an investment, asset or employee could not always be known.
    "Look at Fernando Torres, Chelsea paid £50 million for him and now he is worth nothing to them.
    "They overpaid."

  3. itworkshow? says:

    um, what?

  4. 300 says:

    Get some ankle socks, bro.

  5. Guest says:

    She'll definitely make him a philanthropist if he's forced to give up 50% of his assets

  6. Guest says:

    Where's your hand, mister.

  7. Kneave Riggall says:


  8. Quant me maybe ... says:

    bespoke cargo pants for the win!

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  10. WWI Afficionado says:

    The white tee says "I'm grocery shopping on a saturday" but the Asics and cargo shorts scream "I no longer have a wife who cares if I walk out the door looking like a savage"