Investment Bank League Tables: Bangability Edition

According to dating/mating app Hinge, Goldman Sachs comes in at number one compared to employees at other banks, while Citigroup brings up the rear. Meanwhile, employees at UBS are apparently the most picky of the group, while Barclays will do just about anyone.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest financier of them all? Look no further than Goldman Sachs, according to an analysis of one dating app’s data. Goldman employees were 15.8 percent more attractive than the average Hinge user, according to data compiled for CNBC…With the exception of Barclays, each bank’s workers were pickier than the average user. Hinge measures pickiness as how often users swipe left on someone else, indicating that they don’t want to connect.

The most attractive bankers are… [CNBC]

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16 Responses to “Investment Bank League Tables: Bangability Edition”

  1. Guy says:

    hmmm… do the GS bankers have a Goldman Sachs watermark across their pic? Just so everyone knows they work for THE Goldman Sachs?

  2. guest says:

    LOL @ UBS's high standards.

    • Seriously Confused says:

      She's got to be a lucky lady to ride in the Nyan Cat wrapped CRX.

      – UBS FI VP

  3. Harvey says:

    If a guy has money, even if he is ugly, there will always be women around who will fuck him.

  4. Lowly Assistant says:

    Name: David Cohen
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Hobbies: Working at soup kitchen
    Expectations for First Date: U suck on my prestige

    • Dad says:

      Name: Matt Levine
      Eyes: Brown, like, on a good day*
      Height: Let's say 5'8"
      Weight: Meh.
      Hobbies: Well, in my free time** I like to break down swap deals that three quants spent 120 hours of their lives putting together and poking fun when I end up finding [sic] "liquidity putt" on page 90 of the term sheet. I mean, like really, liquidity putt? I don't know a lot about golf but I think ISDA would have a lot to say about this deal…
      Expectations for First Date: Understand maybe 5% of the Latin*** phrases I use in conversation.
      *My mom says they're hazel
      **Between pounding margs with Mo El-Erian at BBV I don't see a lot of it.
      ***Disclaimer: I taught high school Latin. Also I worked for Goldman Sachs and I have RSUs that will unlock soon.

  5. Parabolic says:

    Is your vocabulary that poor that you must curse?