Justice Department Having Way Too Much Fun To Stop Suing Banks Now

It knows that it can’t keep Brian Moynihan hilariously squirming forever, so it’s looking for its next kicks.

“We will not shrink from litigating as long as we must to fulfill our law enforcement mandate,” Associate Attorney General Tony West said in a speech. “I would not be surprised if we were to see additional [residential mortgage-backed securities] lawsuits in the future….”

Mr. West said the Justice Department doesn’t intend to settle mortgage-backed securities cases when it begins investigating them. The only way for a bank to avoid going to court, he said, by paying penalties that match the level of misconduct, offering robust relief for consumers and agreeing to a statement of facts describing what it did wrong.

Top Justice Official Tells Banks Lawsuits May Be Coming [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]

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4 Responses to “Justice Department Having Way Too Much Fun To Stop Suing Banks Now”

  1. FoxNewsEnthusiast says:

    politically motivated. will continue until Hillary takes office. Dems have no other success stories to ride on so they need this badly. it's about to get uglier with Russia too

  2. Guest says:

    Is that Denzel Washington in the pic?

  3. Guest says:

    Words in title and post combined, excluding article passage = 30
    Words in mouse-over = 42

    If you miss the mouseover you are missing more than half of the post…

    – Elementary school essay quant