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Ken Griffin Doesn’t Make His High-Frequency Traders Write Their Code In Pig Latin And Then Swallow The Evidence Because He Wants To

It’s because he has to.

Griffin, CEO of Citadel, defended the industry as one that has helped market participants and lowered costs, but is also populated by firms that have to jealously guard their strategies and keys to success. “What’s shocking to those of us in the community is how many important ideas can be expressed in two sentences,” Griffin said Wednesday at the Delivering Alpha conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor. “Because they are often very simple to record, you have to be careful how you express those ideas.”

In Michael Lewis’ controversial and much-discussed book “Flash Boys” released earlier this year, Citadel was cited in an anecdote for its secrecy. One passage noted that it took an employee five ID card swipes simply to start her day. Griffin said that’s probably about right, but he refused to apologize for the steps his firm takes to guard its intellectual property.

Citadel CEO: HFT firms need to be secretive [CNBC]

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20 Responses to “Ken Griffin Doesn’t Make His High-Frequency Traders Write Their Code In Pig Latin And Then Swallow The Evidence Because He Wants To

  1. guest says:

    oh yeah, well I have to swipe 8 times to start my day.

    -guy who makes everything a pissing contest

  2. Guesto Joe says:

    To get into UBS at Stamford all you need is to be wearing socks OR shoes

  3. Guest says:

    and this guy testified before Congress as though he was impartial?

  4. Lester Bangs says:

    This mother fucker tried to burn my god damn dick off!

  5. nicksfishmktorder says:

    yeah but you also have to walk by 3 smoke shows at 3 reception desks on your way to your desk at 131 s dearborn

  6. hmm says:

    Have to say, Kenny boy is looking pretty sporty these days. Either he has been exercising and dieting or has AIDS.

  7. Guest says:

    When someone looks thinner, your default assumption is that they have either been exercising/dieting or have AIDS?

  8. Captain Oblivious says:

    BNP requires one functioning chromosome and a scarf must match your shirt. No capital markets experience required, you can learn on the fly. Of course we lend to terrorist nations, their money is green just like yours and mine! Mondieu!!

    • Somali Pirate says:

      Watch it! BNP laundered all of my money and it came out clean as a whistle after Captain Phillips came out

  9. Sebastian says:

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