Local Morgan Stanley Broker Can’t Wait To Share His Own Take On General Investment Themes With You

But he’ll have to, for at least as long as it takes him to finish the firm’s online Twitter training course and as long as it takes his supervisor to sign off on his 140 characters.

Morgan Stanley, the world’s largest brokerage firm as measured by its more than 16,000 financial advisers, has until now limited them to tweeting scripted messages it prepared on the economy, general investment themes, wealth management concepts and some lifestyle topics.

The company told advisers on Monday that if they take an online training course that can be completed in about 20 minutes and have at least 15 followers – a pittance by the standards of Twitter, where Justin Bieber has 52.6 million followers – they can create their own 140-character messages and retweet content from others….

The firm has allowed self-created messages on LinkedIn since July 2012, and has not run into any regulatory problems….

Advisers used to instant gratification with their personal Twitter accounts will have to put up with delayed gratification in their professional lives. All messages and status updates are moderated by a supervisor, with a decision on approval generally coming within several hours….

Brokers are not permitted to write about particular investments, offer forecasts or discuss more risky offerings such as commodities or structured products that require disclaimers.

Morgan Stanley gives tweeting brokers some leeway [Reuters]

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6 Responses to “Local Morgan Stanley Broker Can’t Wait To Share His Own Take On General Investment Themes With You”

  1. Guest says:


  2. theShizznitt says:

    Honey, our Morgan Stanley broker just upgraded the market from a Tight Lipped Emoji face to a Cartoonishly Large Thumbs Up. Do you think we should buy some SPDRs?

  3. Guest says:

    You have a serious problem if you follow your broker on Twitter.

  4. HighFrequencyHater says:

    Finally! How else are these brokers supposed to go after the 18-30 "millennial" demo that's on average 5-6figures in college debt, live with their parents and have zero investable assets. It's social media, people. Just ask United Airlines how much value-add their marketing dept got from that one tweet.

  5. weejee says:

    will you ever be able to measure how many you miss or lose n=because of dumb tweets?