Man Behind Lufthansa Lunch Heist Should’ve Quit While He Was 35 Free Meals Ahead

On a typical day, most of you probably obtain your lunch in one of several ways: ordering it on Seamless, out at a working lunch, or ferreting around the office pantry for a melange of snacks. A good day might involve getting your 11th Chop’t salad for free. If creativity and need to feel alive struck, you’d possibly think about sneaking into the executive dining room and swipe a couple of dinner rolls. But would you ever purchase a business class ticket out of JFK (or whatever your local airport may be), gorge yourself on free delicacies in the lounge, and then reschedule your flight so you could do it all again the next day, and the day after that? You might not, but this genius did:

A man exploited the perks of business -class travel to feast for free 35 times in a year at Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LHA)’s Munich airport lounge — without ever taking off. The man used the flexibility of the one-way fare to Zurich to repeatedly reschedule his travel plans after gaining access to food and drink, Munich district court said in a statement…Business-class fares typically offer the flexibility to rebook when plans change, while offering perks such as access to premium lounges, conference facilities and showers. The Munich facility at Lufthansa second-biggest hub offers Bavaria’s Loewenbraeu beer on tap, together with local delicacies including leberkas meatloaf and sausages with sweet mustard.

Obviously, there are many, many amazing aspects to this story. The idea in general. The execution of the idea. The reserves of boldness this man possessed to not do it once and be satisfied, but to do it 34 more times. But our favorite would have to be that even after he had a great run, this guy wasn’t content to rest on his laurels; he said “Fick it! I’m going back in.”

Lufthansa canceled the ticket after more than a year and refunded the price, only for the man to purchase a replacement.

Enjoy your $15 salads.

No Free Lunch at Lufthansa as Court Fines Lounge-Food Freeloader [Bloomberg]

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20 Responses to “Man Behind Lufthansa Lunch Heist Should’ve Quit While He Was 35 Free Meals Ahead”

  1. WWI Afficionado says:

    Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose

  2. Guest says:

    Always make sure your luftbagel is properly buttered before inserting your frankfurter.

  3. Im_a_Dude says:

    Loewenbraeu on tap? sounds temping, especially on a day like today.

  4. stieg says:

    SAS Bidniss class lounge in Copenhagen ftw. Free carlsbergs (self serve) and smoked salmon. Plus hawt chicks.

  5. Meatstick says:

    Gasparino would be all over this if they had Eggplant Parm.

  6. Guest says:

    European airlines in general put American carriers to shame in terms of food both in their lounges and onboard. It's like night and day.

    – Guy who has eaten one too many of United's "breakfast omelettes" on trans-Atlantic flights

  7. guest says:

    What sick fuck would put mustard on a sausage?

  8. UBS pun trader says:

    Long wienerschnitzel.

  9. Chimpahan says:

    Isn't this why Germany invaded France .. for the better food


  10. Guescht says:

    I hope this genius lived in munich's northern suburbs. The airport is about 35k from the city center, and gas in Germany costs what, about $12 a gallon?

  11. duder says:

    Fickin amazing

  12. Weak says:

    A Chinese guy did this.. 300 times in a year.. And got his ticket refunded.. And didn't pay a fine.