Some World Cup Games More Important Than Others

US-based BNP Paribas employees learned that the hard way.

From the front lines:

“Working for a French bank: When France plays their Round of 16 match, BNPP sends an email announcing that a large conference room on client floor is set up for viewing. When the U.S. plays, they schedule a 4:45 offsite “town hall” meeting to discuss the settlement.”

(hidden for your protection)
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11 Responses to “Some World Cup Games More Important Than Others”

  1. Angry american says:

    They are all probably wearing scarves on the hottest day of the year. We should have taken them over after WW 2 and did the world a favor. With their BO, cigarette breath and their shitty moral compasses all of them. Im sure they will wind up canning a bunch of innocents as well over this. Bonuses could be a negative number. Fuck em all

  2. Zacharelli says:

    The French smell like cheesy afterbirth

  3. Guest says:

    What email did they send out when Iran played? A spoofed return address from

  4. Beatrice Mars says:

    The Geezer says Paribas have been a bunch of assholes since the early 80s when they did all the fee-based L/Cs for the oil certification traders in Houston. He said it was a monopoly for Paribas New York until a rogue branch of Paribas opened up a Houston office to compete with the established New York office that had been providing credit instruments. I would ask him what music he was listening to back in those days but he is busy using a Goldman Sachs business card's edge to clean his fingernails and appears to not want to be disturbed.

    -Geezer Oil Trader's British Intern for the Summer

  5. Thomas LePetomaine says:

    Don't get saucy with me, Bernaise
    -Count DeMoney

  6. Chimpahan says:

    Worst dude I ever worked with was an American at a French bank …. he knew about every front-running scam around , but pretended to not hear a word of it

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