Wall Street Bachelor Party Planner: Strippers Out, Chicken Kiev In

During the day, we went to a shooting range where we rode in Soviet-era tanks and shot arrows and machine guns; we also caught a Ukrainian football game and ate a ton of chicken Kiev. At night, we hired hot Ukrainian tour guides — it sounds sketchy but they’re not escorts — to show us around, which was a great idea because none of us knew the language or where to go…I actually think strippers are pretty cliché. The most outrageous requests I get are never from the groom — he just wants to get wasted and have fun — it’s the best man who wants strippers in the room at all times. I like to go for other kinds of shock value: zip lining, tank riding, ATV riding, bungee jumping — basically anything with an adrenaline rush that you probably wouldn’t do at home or with your significant other. But, of course, at night, you have to hit the town. [NYM]

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13 Responses to “Wall Street Bachelor Party Planner: Strippers Out, Chicken Kiev In”

  1. guest says:

    hell yes!
    -guest who could go for some chicken kiev right about now

  2. guest says:

    are we talking about chicken kiev or "chicken kiev" if ya know what i mean?

  3. Guest says:

    f*cking chiken kiev… it's so salty that after a while you cannot feel your tongue no more

  4. Captain Caveman says:

    Call me old fashioned, but i'll take banging the ridiculously hot hooker who looks nothing at all like my fiancé for 1K Alex

  5. Guesto says:

    I love tank riding with my significant other. What a bunch of bro-body-douches.

  6. Seriously Confused says:

    Shock Value Bachelor Party Ideas:
    – Tank riding: check
    – ATV riding: check
    – Bungee jumping: check
    – Ziplining: wait, what?

  7. Guest says:

    U sure this isn't a surreptitious recruiting campaign for the Ukrainian Army? They suck you in with the promise of Ukrainian hookers and then bah-bam, you are there, fighting a war a la Tropic Thunder?

  8. Jakson says:

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  9. Stephanie says:

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