Women In Business Are Drinking Their Way Through The Glass Ceiling

Time was, out of the office networking was the purview of men. Ladies might have been able to break into the corporate world, but they were missing out when it came to off-the-clock bonding with colleagues and/or clients on the golf course, in the strip club, and at the bar at 3AM after drinking for 7 hours straight. Well no longer.

Tired of missing out on the opportunities to get ahead afforded to people who don’t necessarily do the best job at the office but impress the boss with their ability to put back 16 Manhattans during happy hour, businesswomen are going shot for shot with their male counterparts, according to a new study from QZ:

Take one of our participants, Gina, a tech entrepreneur from São Paulo. She told us that her choice of drink, and even the quantity she consumed, was part of her “hard-edged” business performance: “I would make a point of drinking rum, straight up, in a big glass wherever I was at a business networking event,” she said. Poli, one of our subjects from Russia, explained that she was cultivating an expertise in cognac to aid her business ambitions. She described cognac as highly aspirational and business-like—a drink for “confident and experienced women,” she told us.

Em, in New York, proudly exhibits her connoisseurship of hard alcohol, specifically whiskey, in her business networking. She told us it was “empowering” in conversations to suddenly surprise her male counterparts with an expertise in something so typically masculine. In China, where corporate drinking cultures are heavily centered on drinking games involving countless shots of baijiu (the national liquor with an ABV between 40-60%), career-driven women are taking charge and downing their drinks. The women in our study told us that participating in these games was a surefire way of communicating commitment to the job and a competitive edge.

Basically, it’s a 2-pronged approach. Prong 1: drink A LOT. A couple Chardonnays over a 3-hour period isn’t gonna cut it. Start thinking in bottles, not glasses. Prong 2: Drink things typically associated with having a penis. Goodbye Skinny Girl margarita, hello Don Julio. If it gets confusing, just picture the boozehound who sits across from you, sweating Sidecars and barely keeping his life together, the guy whose stories all start with, “So I wake up in this gutter,” and who is up for managing director. That’s what you’re aiming for.

How to get ahead as a businesswoman: Order a whiskey on the rocks [QZ]

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31 Responses to “Women In Business Are Drinking Their Way Through The Glass Ceiling”

  1. Captain Oblivious says:

    I;m sure the drinking helps lubricate the situation.

  2. Chaz says:

    I fuckin love chicks and they love me!

  3. Finance tool says:

    They are still trying to fuck their way to the top believe me. See it every week

  4. Danker_Banker says:

    Lean in and puke on the table.

    –S. Sandberg

  5. Guest says:

    Alcohol sanitizes the STDs from the inside-out.

  6. Finance tool says:

    Em, from New York likes to pound down a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue then gargle balls until she pukes it back up

  7. Captain Oblivious says:

    Poli, from russia, got smashed on Don Julio at the company christmas party and complained out loud that Tinder is a waste of time because no one wants to fuck. She was promptly promoted to MD

  8. Guest says:

    yes, cannot tell but most likely yes, yes

  9. Captain Oblivious says:

    Gina, who liked to drink rum straight, proceeded to drink a bottle of captain morgan white. she blacked out and woke up with a pink sock and wearing a cincinnati bow tie. She was named COO one week after

  10. investorcluzo says:

    She may know her whiskeys, but can that 100 pound frame drink more than 2 glasses of Bookers and stand up at the end of the night?

    -guy who knows 120 proof bourbon will put you to bed quickly

  11. Chicks w dicks says:

    Orange is the new blackout

  12. Guest says:

    Sure they know their whiskeys, but do they know their milkshakes?

  13. Guesteban says:

    "She described cognac as highly aspirational and business-like"


    – P. Diddy, B. Rhymes, Jay Z., et al.

  14. DingALing says:

    Falling through a glass ceiling drunk and drinking your way through a glass ceiling are two very different things to keep in mind, business women of the 21st century.

  15. HotKarl says:

    That ain't rumchata in the martini glass, sweet-tits….

    – J Gundlach

  16. Quant me maybe... says:

    Drinking is something that women should avoid as they climb past us on the ladder of success.

    >It's hard to climb any ladder drunk. It's folly try to do it in heels.

  17. Guest says:

    Just goes to show they don't have an expense account. Otherwise they'd be drinking Petrus to impress

  18. HotKarl says:

    Given that the 'value' provided by most MBA programs involves school-sponsored happy hours, I'd say a $100k MBA is doing a fine job of preparing the business leaders of tomorrow in light of this article.

    – BSBA, CFA Finance guy

  19. Seriously Confused says:

    I don't want to get you drunk, but, ah, that's a very fine Chardonnay you're not drinking.
    – P. Bateman