Write-Offs: 07.03.14

$$$ Ackman’s Pershing Square Said to Gain 25% in First Half [Bloomberg]

$$$ Bernanke Joins Obama for Lunch With Economy on Menu [Bloomberg]

$$$ Other World Cup-related insurance products aimed at the special hazards facing extreme fans are still for sale. “Drunk” insurance is still available on Tmall by Shanghai-based Zhong An Insurance. It helps those soccer lovers who happen to imbibe too much. For a 3-yuan ($0.48) policy, one is covered if he or she gets blotto: 200 yuan is provided for an emergency call, and 2,000 yuan if a hospital visit is necessary. “Night owl” insurance, also for 3 yuan and offered by Zhong An, covers emergency expenses for those who get acute respiratory infections. With most of the games showing after midnight in China, fans indeed must stay up late—how that might lead to a respiratory infection is less clear. And then there’s “soccer hooligan” insurance, for those who get robbed or perhaps end up on the wrong side of a brawl during the late hours of the games. [BusinessWeek]

$$$ BoNY caught in the middle of Argentina’s bond debacle [NYP]

$$$ Ford, who just this week returned to work after a stint in rehab, admitted Wednesday he dabbled with cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms and crack — the last he still claims he wasn’t addicted to. But he never tried heroin, he said. And while Ford said he drank at work, he never did drugs within City Hall. [NYDN]

$$$ That’s it for us today! Have a great holiday and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

$$$ Want to Get Into Business School? Write Less, Talk More [WSJ]

$$$ Buyout Firms’ Fees Come Under Review [WSJ]

$$$ Pit Bull Returned To High Kill Shelter For Farting Too Much Gets A Second Chance [HP]

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