You Could One Day Address Ken Griffin As Governor Griffin, But Probably Won’t

You could also one day read about Griffin signing with the Bulls as their new shooting guard but, again…

Hedge fund manager Ken Griffin has sounded quite political in recent public appearances and has written big checks to candidates he likes. But until now, no one one has ever asked him directly if he would consider running for public office himself. Griffin faced just that question, however, at the Delivering Alpha conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor. Griffin’s answer? “I can’t see that in my future.” “You wouldn’t rule it out?” CNBC’s Kate Kelly followed up. “Never say never, but I can’t see it in my future,” Griffin replied.

Trading it all in to sell milkshakes in Wisconsin, however, is fully on the table.

Citadel’s Ken Griffin: ‘Can’t see’ gubernatorial run [NetNet]

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6 Responses to “You Could One Day Address Ken Griffin As Governor Griffin, But Probably Won’t”

  1. Jon sux says:

    The bulls thing is more likely than shazar getting a pulitzer

    • guest says:

      you know *most* people don't get a pulitzer, right?

      -guy who's sort of over the shazar comments but would at least like them to be moderately amusing/not completely stupid if they must proceed

  2. Da Bearz says:

    You know dis guy wants cut your pension right? And he wants us to pay for our own medical and use alll our vacation days…..pass the mustard my dog is getting cold.

    -Every Chicago public employee in existence and the reason KG will never be Governor of Illinois.