Whoever said Goldman Sachs summer internships were all work and no play apparently never experienced the all-access pass to the FunZone that is GS’s Salt Lake City program. We’re talkin’ scavenger hunts and watching the World Cup in a conference room-level fun. We’re talking 6AM runs with colleagues-fun.

Q: Is it all work? What other activities do interns take part in?

A: We would like to dispel myth that we don’t want interns to have fun. They’ll work hard during their time here, but we also coordinate events for them to get to know other interns and team members and the culture of the firm. For example, our Salt Lake City interns participated in a scavenger hunt where they had the chance to explore the city, we’ve done cooking classes, bowling events, and this summer hosted World Cup viewings. All interns also participate in our firm’s Community TeamWorks volunteer initiative. Apart from the formal events we organize, many activities are coordinated organically by interns or employees, like morning runs and weekend events. We think it helps them learn how they will have to balance their full-time careers with life outside of work like anyone else at Goldman Sachs.

How to ace an internship at Goldman Sachs [eFinancial]

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9 Responses to “You Want Fun? GOLDMAN SACHS WILL SHOW YOU FUN”

  1. Guest says:

    You ok now little prince? Good, now shut the fuck up and go make some pitch books.

  2. Guest says:

    plus they can marry all the wives they want

  3. Jax Baller says:

    Amateurs – DB Jacksonville treats their interns to monster truck rallies and catfish rasslin…

    – Cletus McKinny III

  4. same tuna says:

    Dude the chicks you finger during your sa stint are the same chicks you finger at SXSW. Which are the same chicks you finger at Coachella. That are the same chicks you finger at Lollopolloza. All the same can of tuna packed with lake water.

  5. Guest says:

    We're talking beer with an alcohol content so low you have to drink 4 of them to feel anything.

    – Guy who thinks the state of Utah shouldn't stand between him and one normal beer after 8 hours of skiing

  6. Big Love says:

    Intern events in Utah consist of 1) magic underwear 2) caffeine-free coke and 3) the occasional sister-bride

    GS for the loss

  7. ojessen says:

    Ironic – all interns participate in the volunteer initiative.