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Are You More At Home Among Crossfit Enthusiasts Than Hedge Fund Professionals?

Some signs you might be in for a career change:

  • You call in sick to do Crossfit
  • You wear your Crossfit clothes under your work clothes
  • You fantasize about doing Crossfit
  • The only time you’re happy is while doing Crossfit

Jay Adams knows what we’re talking about.

“I would take sick days from work just to hang out at the box all day. I would go and work out and just hang with the trainers. It was the environment that made me happy. I never felt comfortable wearing business clothes and sitting at a desk, answering e-mails all day. I worked for a hedge fund administrator. I know I’m a smart guy, but it just never felt right. I wanted to be happy. I was fucking miserable. So I quit. When I announced I was leaving, there were no shocked faces. They knew I didn’t belong behind a desk as much as I did. I graduated from Johns Hopkins with a degree in international relations. I always regretted the path I took. It was stupid. I would sit at work for 12 hours and then come to the gym and work out for an hour and a half and then be miserable again because I knew I had to wake up and do the same thing all over again. Wash and repeat…You hear people say CrossFit is a cult and people become obsessed with it, but there are worse things people can be spending their free time doing. If the cult is a cult but it gets you more fit, changes your lifestyle, and makes you eat healthier, then I’ll drink that Kool-Aid.”

Crossfit Confession: “I Quit My Job At A Hedge Fund To Do Crossfit Full Time” [Men’s Fitness]

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11 Responses to “Are You More At Home Among Crossfit Enthusiasts Than Hedge Fund Professionals?”

  1. Tony Robbins says:


  2. Guest says:

    Plot twist: He worked at Bridgewater

  3. 2 bps says:

    But is planning a move to the village..

  4. Guest says:

    Hedge fund 'administrator'

  5. Nailz6 says:


    – C. Gasparino

  6. Knob says:

    "I was fucking miserable"

    – everyone who has worked in finance

  7. TotallyNotFads says:

    I quit my job to do Atkins, Tae Bo and Shakeweight