German Firm Does For Employees What Sick, Work-Obsessed Can’t Do For Themselves

Is the temptation to check your work email while on vacation stronger than your weak, easily manipulated self? Do you make a big show of saying you’re not going to even look at your phone the whole time you’re away, and the sneak into the bathroom and turn the faucets on to cover up the tapping noises like some kind of email junkie? After everyone has gone to bed, do hear your phone calling out to you, saying “Check it…come on, just check it, just for a second. I’m not gonna rat you out.” Have you tried everything from leaving your phone at home only to break out in a separation anxiety-induced rash, to rigging up your device so that any attempts to check your inbox result in an electromagnetic shock to your scrotum, which does nothing to solve the problem but does leave you with third degree burns?

Or maybe you’re able to resist the temptation but to sneak a peek, but return from your time away with a feeling of total dread, knowing there are thousands of messages to respond to from people who don’t understand the words “I’ll be out of the office for the next two weeks”? Have you come to terms with all this and are now the point that you just want help?

If you work in the United States, tough shit. Your company isn’t going to be happy until it sees you crawling around on the cobblestoned streets of Rome, attempting to collect the millions of little pieces your phone splintered into when, in a fit of disgust with yourself, you threw it to the ground and watched it shatter, moments before shouting “Sweet Jesus, what have I done?!” and “No, wait, I think I can fix this.” If you happen to be in Germany and employed by Daimler, today is your lucky day.

Automaker Daimler is giving its 100,000 German employees the chance to be free from work constraints this summer. If they opt into the “mail on holiday” scheme then all their incoming emails will be deleted automatically, with the sender informed immediately. “Our employees who are on vacation should relax and not read business e-mails,” Wilfried Porth, human resources and labor director at Daimler said in a press release on Wednesday. “With ‘mail on holiday’, they have a clean desk after the holidays and no congestion in their inbox. This is an emotional relief.”

No more work emails on vacation? This firm thinks so [CNBC]

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8 Responses to “German Firm Does For Employees What Sick, Work-Obsessed Can’t Do For Themselves”

  1. ThatsWacc says:

    Any word on whether the DB IT Hamster will come up with a similar tool for this site that just deletes Shazar's post as he attempts to put them up?

    – Guy who could use the emotional relief

  2. guest says:

    can you elaborate about that scrotum thing?

    -you know who

  3. WWI Afficionado says:


    couldn't sneek that one by me Bess

  4. KnobbySohn says:

    Emails to a German on vacation will be deleted? So only the NSA gets to read them?

  5. CautiouslyOptimistic says:

    "Delete" doesn't mean "forward to the junior analyst," does it?