Hedge Fund Manager, Model Landlord Not Seeing Eye To Eye Re: Lease Agreement

Paul Enright wanted access to the basement to store his crap (and a townhouse sans vermin). Brenda “The Wonderbra” Schad wanted a tenant who wasn’t constantly on her ass.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Paul Enright, 40, says that he deserves most of his money back because he and his family never had access to the basement in the four-story, 4,120 square foot building on E. 19 St. In addition, he said, the rear garden was unusable because of a vermin infestation. Enright, who started living there with his family in 2010, says that those two spots alone take up 32% of the building’s square footage and he tacked on another 25% penalty because roof leaks and other problems, bringing the total to $621,248. But the landlord, model Brenda Schad, told the Daily News that Enright and his family were extremely difficult. “This lawsuit is so frivolous,” she said. She said the basement was never included in their lease for the triplex. As for the backyard rodent problem, Schad had a simple excuse: “It’s New York City!”

Hedge fund manager suing his former landlord, a model known as ‘Miss Wonderbra,’ for rent refund because of mice infestation [NYDN]

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27 Responses to “Hedge Fund Manager, Model Landlord Not Seeing Eye To Eye Re: Lease Agreement”

  1. Missing it says:

    That's a pretty cool water bottle she's got.

    • Hobbes says:

      I see three bottles myself.

      • Little Finger says:

        I see a profitable collection of holes

        • Preston Conillingus says:

          Bess take this post down. Promiscuous sex is a heavy burden upon society. Aside from the socially transmitted diseases, the cost of abortions and fatherless children is much higher than most realize. Fatherless children are much more likely to become drug users, drop out of school and sin. This increases the tax burden on all of us!

          • Guest says:

            Take your old school, ultra-conservative mantra and go back to the flyover midwestern state that you came from.

  2. Guest says:

    Clearly a slumlorDD.

  3. UBS Brazier Analyst says:

    I would let her suffocate me with those flesh pillows.

    If this guy is such a hitter wtf is he renting this place. He can't buy his own? Not the guy I want managing my money, just saying. Other than that I am unconcerned.

  4. Lord Humongous says:

    It moved

  5. Guest says:

    Solves my milk inflation problems.

    – Dude who likes a 'con leche' every couple of hours

  6. Alt_EST says:

    It's New York City! I mean, its the new New York City, the post-crisis New York City, where the old model-hedge fund manager power dynamic has been inverted, and sure, people still go to Marquee, but now only ironically. Sure models and bottles still exists, but the guy buying the bottles failed out of three startups, like failure is cool and profitable now? And again, the model is now your landlord. To get a car home now, you have to stay until approximately noon the next day, and Seamless is $20 max and only available after 8pm (one minute while I go forage in streetside garbage bins instead). Asset management is now our focus? What's next, recruiting from state schools? (Also, what is capital, and why do I have to optimize it?) Banks can't retain young talent because everyone love wearing tshirts to the office, and oh, that's cool you can bring dogs to work! Quick, to San Francisco so we can figure out the newest ad delivery system! OK, I guess that kind of makes it the old, old New York of 1999…

    -Old Man Yelling At Sky

    • Guest says:

      Dear Sir,
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  7. Guest says:

    If she has problems with the settlement, I would be happy to provide her with some liquidity.

  8. CatamiteCapital says:

    I'm just hoping to live in a world where she is considered a landlord / model, and not the other way around…

    – DZ

  9. NakedShort says:

    no handbridge required.

  10. Puck It says:

    All that outfit needs is a pearl necklace. I'll volunteer.

  11. guest says:

    I think Ms Schad has probably found it difficult for any guy to really see eye to eye with her.

  12. Guest says:

    This news is infinitely less interesting than the picture had me believe.

  13. Waha Basis Trader says:

    I've seen dancers at "Tibetian Silver" in Houston leaving work at 3:00 am wearing similar hand wraps but just on their right hands. Didn't know they boxed!

  14. wannabe HF dude says:

    Viking Global is paying an analyst that much? $25m for a pad? He must be 2nd after Andreas in terms of comp..