Horror In The Hamptons: Rosé Shortage Edition

It could come to rationing.

Good luck finding your favorite bottle of rosé in the Hamptons this weekend — or any pink vino for that matter. We hear rumblings that restaurants and wine shops are low on local favorite Wölffer Estate, as well as imports like Domaines Ott and Chateau d’Esclans’ Whispering Angel, because the summering hordes have been tirelessly swilling all season long. Haute Chinese hot spot Red Stixs in Water Mill ran out of Whispering Angel weeks ago. Photographer-turned-vintner Ben Watts’ Spanish WattsUp Rosé is completely sold out at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, Navy Beach and Moby’s in East Hampton. Restaurant 75 Main completely sold its cache of Domaines Ott, but ordered an emergency “pallet” of VieVité…In 2012, rosé was running so low by Labor Day, some stores limited customers to four bottles apiece.

Rosé running dangerously low in the Hamptons [NYP]

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10 Responses to “Horror In The Hamptons: Rosé Shortage Edition”

  1. guest says:


  2. Bubbalito says:


  3. Rich Nuveau says:

    If there's anything that says "gauche" it's not rosé.

    – Johnny come lately

  4. Short, But Long says:

    The second you get your hands on a precious bottle of rose do but one thing… dump it out. You're welcome.

  5. mee says:

    So ive written some pretty dark and erotic poetry about Ms. Bessy's bazookas. I've never really been attracted to women as you see, I have an alter ego — a darkside if you will. Nevertheless, something calms me when I begin writting about those chest puppies of hers. Amyway, I wrote this one hiku that im really proud of titled "nipple dew". Bess id love to share it with you. Just reply below.

  6. Guest says:

    Take a glass of red, put some ice in it, 5 minutes later, rosé.

  7. A 40 a day... says:

    Can someone check the local stash of Old English please?

  8. Everyone else says:

    Shortage of Rose = white-on-white violence?

    What will NYC do without pretentious white folk in boating shoes and polo shirts?

  9. dump it out. You're welcome.