HSBC Sees EU’s Bonus Rules, Raises It “Fixed Pay Allowance Arrangements”

HSBC has given 15 of its top bankers “fixed pay allowance arrangements” worth £7.1m under a controversial new pay scheme designed to dodge tough new European Union rules on bankers’ bonuses…The awards are part of big banks’ plans to increase the basic pay of executives to sidestep tough new EU rules designed to clamp down on excessive bonuses. Banks have turned to awarding fixed pay allowances after the EU ruled to cap bonuses to 200% of salary, even if shareholders wanted to approve higher payments. The new payments are counted as fixed pay, which means banks can, with shareholder approval, pay bonuses of 200% of bankers’ collective basic pay and fixed pay allowances. The fresh money, which is not subject to clawbacks designed to retrospectively recoup bonuses in the event of any wrongdoing emerging in the future, covers the first half of the year – and bankers can look forward to further payments every three months. A fifth of the shares will vest in March 2015, with the rest locked up until 2020. [Guardian]

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2 Responses to “HSBC Sees EU’s Bonus Rules, Raises It “Fixed Pay Allowance Arrangements””

  1. Mrs_Slocombe says:

    The article went on to note that such payments will be made in the form of "post dated, thrid-party, out of state, starter checks"

  2. well! thanks for nice inform about that…It seems that HSBC will get a some unique changes.