Judge Already Took Lousy Prison Doctors Into Account When She Sent Sam Israel There

U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon hasn’t been especially sympathetic towards the plight of Bayou Group fraudster Samuel Israel, what with the $450 million he stole and all of the whining and conspiracies and endless bids to postpone his sentencing and accusations of bias against her and bail-jumping and faked suicides and weeks on the run and whatnot. And she remains unmoved at his recent “near-death experience” at the hands of the medical staff at the Bernard Madoff federal prison and their refusal to give the drug addict the drugs he wants—even after he ate one of his pain patches in “an isolated act of desperation.” It seems it was all part of McMahon’s plan.

“The driving consideration for the court in sentencing defendant to 20 years in prison was that he was the mastermind behind a $450 million Ponzi scheme,” McMahon wrote.

“I may have taken Mr. Israel’s medical needs into account when I gave him as little as 240 months; I assuredly would never have given him less, regardless of my perception of the quality of the BOP medical care,” she added.

Hedge fund founder Israel loses health bid to leave prison [Reuters]

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2 Responses to “Judge Already Took Lousy Prison Doctors Into Account When She Sent Sam Israel There”

  1. Bandersnatch says:

    Egrets, I've had a few …
    – Guy who fondly remembers pre-Shaz Dealbreaker

  2. Hoagie Haven says:

    Guy in the pic gettign an eyeful looks vaguely familiar….