Mary Jo White’s Lastest Performance Review Did Not Go So Well

Remember about a year and a half ago, when President Obama appointed a former federal prosecutor to head the SEC with the promise that she’d be, pound for pound, the toughest regulator D.C. had ever seen?

Well, she’s been tough, alright: tough to deal with. Her fellow Democrats on the commission hate her, her fellow regulators hate her, Congressional Democrats hate her (and Republican ones aren’t interested in giving her any more money), consumer groups hate her, and the White House isn’t thrilled, either.

And what does she have to show for all of the alienation? Well, a great deal of alienation.

I’ve been talking to fellow regulators, administration officials, current and former S.E.C. staff members, financial reform advocates and people on Capitol Hill whose opinions of Ms. White’s performance range from dissatisfied to infuriated….

The chairwoman has made some unnecessary foes while her agency has bungled several significant rules….

“When the chair doesn’t have a strong policy background, she is extremely dependent on her staff,” said Barbara Roper, the director of investor protection at the Consumer Federation of America. “Is there anyone on the staff in a high position in leadership, a single person to point to who has reform credentials, who isn’t someone from the industry?”

Once Powerful, Mary Jo White’s S.E.C. Is Seen as Sluggish and Ineffective [DealBook]

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16 Responses to “Mary Jo White’s Lastest Performance Review Did Not Go So Well”

  1. CLO-Guy says:

    Does no one remember Matt Taibbi's prophetic article about her? Yet another Obama failure.

  2. yoghurt says:

    I don;t understand the insistence on someone from "outside the industry" for the role. Would you want the head of the american medical association to be someone other than a doctor?

  3. cmon says:

    oh and " Michael Lewis’s book “Flash Boys” was excellent"? Seriously?

  4. k8ofthelake says:

    I agree with CLO and yoghurt…does no one in DC ever learn from their mistakes or look at things from a common sense approach? Makes one wonder, what the heck!?

  5. CLO-Guy says:

    I mention Matt Taibbi and you retort with Michael Lewis? … um… Seriously?
    Do I really have to defend against that?
    (Not to mention the fact that Taibbi would *shred* Lewis in a cage match).

  6. CLO-Guy says:

    Ha! Matt's a good guy. Gets the joke.

  7. everyoneatwork says:

    I'll have one humourous mood lifter to go, please.