Meanwhile, In The Hamptons (Update)

An egg salad recipe worth an estimated $4,000 has gone missing and every summer-sharing junior banker sleeping three to a bed, VP looking to transition from Wall Street to the culinary arts, and senior executive who’s spent years attempting to find the secret ingredient is a suspect.

[Erica Orden via Gawker]


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11 Responses to “Meanwhile, In The Hamptons (Update)”

  1. guest says:

    Okay team, what we're looking for is:
    -someone with a place in the hamptons
    -time on their hands
    -an insatiable appetite
    -a documented love of cooking shows

    seems like all points lead to SC.

  2. guest says:

    god damn that looks good.
    -starving and easily distracted guest

  3. Angela Merkin says:

    Either it's a huge coincidence that the guy's name means "Egg Salad" in German, or this is a prank.

    – Not a Deutschebanker, but I play one on TV.

  4. SoupNazi says:

    I know how you feel

  5. guest says:

    "summer-sharing junior banker sleeping three to a bed"

    go on.


  6. Cougar Hunter says:

    I'm too busy trying to bag all the desperate 40 somethings out there so you know I'm not interested in fresh eggs if you catch my drift. Other than that pass the salt and pepper bitches

    • guest says:

      I read this as "too busy trying to ball gag all these desperate 40 somethings out there"

      …still works.

  7. UBS Senior Quant says:

    I finished the valuation crunch for the egg salad, sir. We've got a low end coming in at only $4,000 but the curve immediately pushes up to infinity. As the graph clearly shows that it is priceless, I suggest that we issue a 'hold' recommendation on the next investor note.

  8. A Good Thing says:

    What's Martha Stewart's alibi?

    Or, he's using this planted 'theft' to weasel his way to an appearance on her show.