Pay Hike Watch ’15: The Youth Of Goldman Sachs

The youngest members of the House of Lloyd are said to be in for a nice little salary bump.

Goldman Sachs’ junior bankers — known to log grueling 100-hour work weeks — are looking at a more than 20 percent raise next year, two people familiar with the bank’s plans told The Post. That raises the base salary for some first-year analysts to about $85,000 before they even collect their bonuses, one source said. Second- and third-year analysts would likely be making significantly more, depending on where they work within the bank and how much that division makes, the source said. There are no plans to change how much they could make in bonuses, according to the person. Leslie Shribman, a Goldman spokeswoman, declined to comment. The prospective raise, which hasn’t been announced by the bank, comes after Goldman in October granted its analysts Saturdays off.

Goldman Sachs plans 20% pay hike for junior bankers [NYP]

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19 Responses to “Pay Hike Watch ’15: The Youth Of Goldman Sachs”

  1. guest says:

    strong beard game, LB.

  2. Stop Injustice says:

    Maybe Lloyd can spend some of his money on supporting the Rally Against Police Brutality.

  3. guest says:

    exciting day, li'l fellas!

  4. Narcissus Bellicose says:

    From Schenectady to Schermerhorn, sluts and slatterns of every stripe are scheming to score one of unsuspecting stockbrokers!

  5. Silicon Dealer says:

    You can make more in tech. GTFOH

  6. Guest says:

    So that works out to $85,000/42 =$2,023/interview now?

  7. Rebecca M. says:

    $85k/year : NYC :: welfare : Cleveland

  8. Breakven says:

    If you gonna slave, why not slave for a slightly higher base salary….BTW what is real inflation like in NYC between rent, food and other analyst essentials?