So Did Anyone Lose Any Money At MF Global?

Oh sure, obviously, the answer is yes, everyone. But Jon Corzine would like it to be noted that, eventually, it all came back and then some.

The bulk of the money is earmarked for unsecured creditors, who would receive a first distribution of about 20% of what Mr. Giddens has agreed to pay….

“From the beginning, we have worked aggressively and diligently to pay customers 100% and marshal assets for distributions to the general estate, which were two goals that many thought would not be possible,” Mr. Giddens said. “Both goals have now been achieved, and I am satisfied that we are positioned to make these distributions.”

MF Global Seeks Permission to Repay Creditors [WSJ]

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13 Responses to “So Did Anyone Lose Any Money At MF Global?”

  1. J Corzine says:

    F*ck you Jon Shazar!

  2. Central_Wanker says:

    See that Corzine, they always revert to the mean… just sometimes not as quickly as we'd like…
    -John Meriwether

  3. Guest says:

    Jon Shazar, Jon Corzine, John Meriwether, John Brian Hunter, Jon Doe, John Hitler, Jon the Cannibal, John D Mental, the comon John….

    No trend at all.

  4. C. Reinhold says:

    Mommmmmm, the mouseover!!!!!

    Also, the meatloaf.

  5. S. Haar says:

    Is it OK if I steal your car, Jon, as long as I bring it back next year?

  6. Guesteban says:

    their = belonging to them
    they're = they are

    It can be confusing sometimes.

  7. John Shaziggans says:

    Fuck you Chone Figgins!