Weather Has No Respect For Silicon Valley Billionaires

…and the drugs they want to eat, sherpas they’re paying to haul their stuff, and free love they’re ready to unleash in the desert this week.

The Silicon Valley summer camp known as Burning Man was supposed to kick off today, but the entrance to the event is closed. Unseasonal rain in the Nevada desert has resulted in road closures, and the organizers are turning away eager “burners” at the gate, according to the official Burning Man Twitter account. Roads are expected to be closed until midday tomorrow, according to a posting. Burning Man, which takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, has become an annual mecca for Silicon Valley techies. The week-long event has drawn billionaires including Mark Zuckerberg and the Google triumvirate. Google CEO Larry Page said last year that he’d like to create a lawless society where inventors could test new products without consequence. He said the commune would be modeled after Burning Man, where monetary transactions are practically forbidden and drugs are free-flowing.

Sorry, Techies. Burning Man Is Closed Due to Rain [Bloomberg]

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4 Responses to “Weather Has No Respect For Silicon Valley Billionaires”

  1. Guest says:


  2. Quant me maybe ... says:

    Given the opportunity to eat literally pounds of mushrooms, smoke kilos pot and have sex with hippie girls, all while cruising around in a car that looked like a tea kettle — I would.


  3. Guest says:

    You buy hipster homes in the edgy neighborhoods, take guitar lessons, drink herbal tea, buy beach houses in Santa Cruz, surf and now Burning man is your fucking Mecca??

    -Bay area weed blazing hippie that is sick of sharing all that is good with 28 year old nerds.