When Your Bank Says ‘No’ (To Loaning Money To A Strip Club), Ca$handra Says ‘Yes’

Today, a company called Sexy Business Funding posted a Web video advertisement in which a husky-voiced narrator named Ca$handra offers loans of as much as $750,000 while images of exotic dancers, jars of marijuana, and piles of hundred-dollar bills flash across the screen. The idea is to entice owners of strip clubs, pot dispensaries, tattoo shops, and other businesses that may scare off traditional Main Street lenders. “Sexy Business Funding recognizes adult businesses as legitimate, law-abiding companies that deserve the same borrowing opportunities as any other business from any other industry,” the company said in a press release…The company has provided $43 million in financing to 1,420 businesses, according to its website. [BusinessWeek]

Strip Clubs and Pot Dispensaries Need Loans, Too [BusinessWeek]

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4 Responses to “When Your Bank Says ‘No’ (To Loaning Money To A Strip Club), Ca$handra Says ‘Yes’”

  1. Mixed Message Media says:

    Interesting perspective on the Ferguson, Mo protests. I wonder what Lloyd will say about this.

  2. Seriously Confused says:


  3. Guest says:

    Not a bad idea; worst branding since someone named their daughter Krystal.

  4. John Homan says:

    WOW!!!! Just 24 hours later and everything about this company has vanished!! Website is down, LinkedIn account is down and the press release has been pulled off of the PR company server…. Regulators shut them down? Too much attention??? Was it a scam??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!