Write-Offs: 08.04.14

$$$ HSBC Chief Warns of Growing Risk Aversion Among Bankers [WSJ]

$$$ Buffett Waits on Fat Pitch as Cash Hoard Tops $50 Billion [Bloomberg]

$$$ ‘I have a meeting in Westchester’ and other essential code words for PE newbies [PE Hub]

$$$ “Oftentimes, you’ll hear some hedge-fund manager say, ‘Oh, he’s just trying to stir class resentment’. No. Feel free to keep your house in the Hamptons and your corporate jet, etc. I’m not concerned about how you’re living. I am concerned about making sure that we have a system in which the ordinary person who is working hard and is being responsible can get ahead and are seeing modest improvements in their life prospects, if not for themselves, then certainly for the next generation.” [Economist]

$$$ A man wearing a Raphael costume took a knee on Saturday and proposed to a woman dressed as Leonardo — in front of an entire stadium of fans at a Fresno Grizzlies game. [HP]

$$$ Britain Fails to Find Riches It Expected in Swiss Accounts [NYT]

$$$ Pimco Total Return Fund suffers 15th month of outflows [Reuters / Jennifer Ablan]

$$$ $1 Million in Designer Goods Stolen From Rich Lady’s Giant Closet [Gawker]

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One Response to “Write-Offs: 08.04.14”

  1. merkin_capital says:

    But Mr. President, if they worked hard and were responsible they wouldn't be ordinary.