Write-Offs: 08.29.14

$$$ JPMorgan Hack Said to Span Months Via Multiple Flaws [Bloomberg]

$$$ Ukraine Invasion Claims Wipe Out Russia Bondholder Gains [Bloomberg]

$$$ Brazil Falls Into Recession with Second Quarter GDP [Reuters]

$$$ A Midtown landlord is taking cramped city living to new heights — by renting a 2 bedroom apartment with 22 beds, according to a video posted online. Hawking what appears to be an illegal hostel, the apartment owner touts the “amazing location” for “young professionals” on 27th Street and Third Avenue. [NYP]

$$$ Woman Discovers Her Cat Is Cheating On Her, Living Double Life [HP]

$$$ That’s it for us today! Enjoy the holiday and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

$$$ 1 percenters bullish on US despite ‘failed’ Obama presidency: Wien [NetNet]

$$$ Hedge Funds Hunt for Clues in Treasury Tax-Inversion Limit [Bloomberg]

$$$ Flight Diverts to Boston Over (Another) Reclined-Seat Upset [AP]

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  1. Posted by Silver Belles | August 29, 2014 at 3:27 PM

    Leaving a little early Bess. The markets haven't even closed. Let me guess – you are off to Amangansett with Carl Ichan in tow.