• 24 May 2006 at 4:13 PM
  • Biotech

New Drug Has Investors Buzzing

Adderall_10mg.jpgGroovyStocks has the scoop on Pfizer’s new drug.

New Blockbuster Drug Approved for Pfizer (PFE)
Pfizer Inc (PFE) announced today that the FDA has approved a new drug, Trythinking, which will help hedge fund managers and other investors cope with a host of maladies.
One of the most common diseases among hedge fund managers is Monthitis which prevents those afflicted with it from thinking about consequences and events that stand to occur after the end of upcoming calendar month, which is when results are typically report to partners. In clinical trials, patients on Trythinking had a median holding period for their investments of 2 days vs. 42 minutes for those on the placebo.

We’ve heard Trythinking works even better than crushed adderall. And it doesn’t leave blue stains on your nose.
New Blockbuster Drug Approved for Pfizer (PFE) [Groovy Stocks]

  • 18 May 2006 at 1:22 PM
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Biotech Ills

Patient Chart.jpgWhat’s been pushing biotech stocks down for the last couple of months? Thinkblog says it’s fear of a Democratic Congress.

I think there is a lurking reason in the background, proving yet again that Wall Street is a clever discounting mechanism. I see a shadow lurking of a Democratic Congress, and that impliies to many not only a stricter regulatory environment; it means to many a resurection of the discussion of cost containment in healthcare, whether that entails price caps, rationing in some way, dicsussions of pharacoeconomics, as well as a debate on insurance. If this is the lurking malady causing the symptoms seen, it is unlikely to go away soon.

But is the prognosis really so dire? What would Thinkblog prescribe to alleviate the affliction? Can we see the patient’s charts again? How many more healthcare related metaphors can one post possibly tolerate?
What is Ailing Biotech? [Thinkblog]