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Blind Item Guessing Game: Exec Struggles Against Change

Which prominent Wall Street executive is struggling to maintain his elevated position at his firm? We’re told that he is not happy with recent changes in the management structure which have effectively stripped him of his power and prestige. He is said to be clinging to his lofty title even while it increasingly become meaningless.

Just Asking

It’s not possible that yesterday’s Page Six blind item, “WHICH fetching newscaster’s bottom line is way in the black? Ladies who lunch noticed, as she exited Le Cirque in a pair of curve-hugging pants, that her asset management is over-leveraged” could’ve been about anyone other than Maria Bartiromo, right? I’m rusty on my asses but I feel like it’s got to be her. Erin’s probably too bony, Mark Haines not “fetching” enough (though MH, if you’re reading this, I think you’re beautiful, and though he’ll never admit it, Carney does, too. Interesting that he’s admitted it about David Faber, but whatever, another story for another time). Anyway, asses– whose is it?

Blind Item Guessing Game: German Bank Edition

We’re just asking, but which German multi-billion dollar SIV is running short of cash? We hear they had a conference call with investors the other day saying that they only had 10 days of liquidity and need a lot more funds in order to avoid defeasance.

Blind Item: Smells Like Bear Stearns

eyeliner4.jpgCross-dressing tranny investment bankers (is that redundant?) being our beat, it’s kind of a blow to the ego that we can’t get this one:

WHICH multifaceted investment banker has been freaking friends
out with his atrocious attire? The formerly fashion-forward mogul has
recently been spotted by close pals “wearing muumuus, kimonos and

This is an out-and-out plea. I have no [real] job, no money, no woman, no prospects, nothing on the horizon, no action at all, and no conceivable reason for even getting up in the morning (though I like to get the Daily News). I NEED to know. Help me now.
Just Asking [NYP]
The Keys [Seinfeld Scripts]

Blind Item

Which well-known recruiting firm is allegedly being sued for moving a desk from a top-3 BB to another firm, because they were under a retainer and agreed not to pull from the bank?

Blind Item: Subprime Losses!

blindfolded.jpgWhich big hedge fund up in Greenwich is taking some sizeable losses (up to 50%) from subprime bets? Hint: it may be a “multi-strategy” fund (though in the parlance of our times, that doesn’t necessarily mean much)! Take your guesses below.

Blind Item: Nicknames, Knee Pads, Etc.

drudge+siren.gifdrudge+siren.gifWhich well-known financial journalist’s high school nickname was “Blow Job [insert last name here]”?
(And by the way, just to reiterate, news organizations should not try and use things we she (or he!) did five twenty five years ago against us her now!)

Private Equity: Getting Some On The Side

paperbagoverhead.jpgBen Widdicombe asks in his Daily News column:

Which brand-name private equity poobah has been spotted twice very recently, smooching with an attractive Asian lady who is not his wife?

Brand-name is the real clue here. Presumably the private equity shop is named for this fellow. So anyone care to take a guess at the identity of the smoocher?

Don’t Shoot The Messenger
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